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Applied mindfulness coaching - TeamUp

Do you sometimes feel like you are living your life on "autopilot", without ever actually enjoying it? With the wonderful tools of mindfulness, I aim to accompany you as you journey towards what truly matters to you, bringing more meaning to your daily life and relationships.













"The confirmation that each of us is a magician and that we need to practice our awareness in order to get in touch with the magic inside." Xenia, Belgium.

The TeamUp journey includes the following steps:


  • feeling into what mindfulness means to you
  • identifying the personality patterns that limit you
  • learning how to move beyond your autopilot and act with more flexibility
  • widening your listening and observation channels beyond words (vibrational and bodily/physical)  
  • learning to communicate from this place of deep listening to yourself and others
  • fine-tuning your perception of your emotions as they unfold within you and allowing them to naturally carry out their balancing act
  • exploring your intuition as a resource to guide your choices and decisions.


When you embark on the journey, you embark with two other participants (you form a triad!) and your coach.


This triad is the core of the program, a beautiful and surprising bubble of intimacy that allows for deep sharing, often weaves beautiful bonds, and serves as a mirror to better understand our behavioral patterns and the resources at our disposal to move beyond them and emancipate ourselves.​

The TeamUp programme

"The kind of support and connection to others that I've experienced in this triad... I've never experienced that before... we grow naturally.

Sohail, Pakistan.​

In practice 

  • A triad: you, two other participants, and your coach
  • An online platform that hosts the modules (readings, videos and exercises) and a forum to share your weekly reflections
  • A 9-module program
  • An adaptable pace : one to two weeks per module (i.e. between 9 and 18 weeks for the whole program)
  • For each module : 2-hour-long triad conversations (face-to-face or via Zoom/Skype depending on the triad) to discuss the module and its application in each person’s life + 1 and ½ hour of individual time to go through the module and do the exercises.
  • A time investment of 3 and a ½ hours per module.​


In addition to the 18 hours of triad coaching and access to the platform and all the TeamUp content and forum moderation, the prices listed below also include a one-hour individual session at the beginning of the course.


  • For individuals : 600 euros excl. VAT
  • For professionals : 750 euros excl. VAT
  • For organisations/companies : 900 euros excl. VAT​

Interested ?

Contact me and we'll have a chat on Zoom/Skype, on the phone, go for a tea or a walk to discover the best fit between your needs/aspirations and what have to offer. 



For more information about the TeamUp program, click here

This course, thanks to the well-structured and comprehensive preparation material and especially the facilitation by Célicia, is a gem.


It gradually guides you through the different levels of consciousness, exploring all facets of our being and ensuring that not only we apply them immediately in our lives, but also anchoring them in our triad calls...


I still have a long way to go, but this course set the foundation for making me become the person I want to become.”

Anita, Belgium.​

One way to start on your mindfulness journey is by joining a TeamUp triad. You will travel with two fellow adventurers and your coach, present every step of the way. What is the adventure all about? Exploring a purposeful shift into being aware of what is present right now. It’s about practicing being fully engaged in the moment as it unfolds, without judgment.​

Célicia Theys

Applied mindfulness coach

art therapist and facilitator