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Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life in a variety of international contexts.


Below is a selection of testimonials that I hope will give you a taste of what it means to trust me as your coach/facilitator.​

A safe space to unveil yourself

"I felt listened to, supported, helped... and it did me a lot of good. Célicia is very sweet, caring and has a reassuring voice. A person I know I can count on... She's given me the opportunity to look deep inside myself and she's been there with me and supported me in that process."
Anais, Belgium.


"We engaged in generative conversation almost all the time rather than a form of debate. I must appreciate the facilitator's skills in co-creating an environment conducive to learning and growth." Sohail, Pakistan.


Group magic


"TeamUp is a deep exchange that allows us to observe ourselves and be observed in a very caring way by others. Feedback from triad partners are a magical treatment for self-esteem. If all goes well, and it did for me, you find a wonderful complicity with three people who were once complete strangers."
Gianna, France.


"We're a bit like pebbles on a beach, which may seem scattered and therefore isolated, but in fact we're not, we're on the same beach, and our paths to the sun (what we all want!) are similar after all."
Juline, participant in a cycle of "Sandbox of W(I)e" workshops


"I felt I was in good hands and the environment was so favourable and enriching that anyone could grow naturally. It is not only the content, but also the way in which the environment around the content is created that reinforces everyone's growth. Growth went beyond the individual and became collective."
Sohail, Pakistan.​

Human above all: a posture of authenticity

"It helped me that Celicia is authentic and that she also shares difficult moments or less pleasant situations with us - such openness makes one more vulnerable and allows the other to show their vulnerability as well."
Gianna, France.


"What I found here is the possibility of being completely myself, without a mask, just real, and every emotion regardless of what it was was welcome in the process. What helped to really understand just how authentic I could be was that Celicia herself shared some deeply intimate things. So when she said "all emotions are welcome" and "you can really be yourself" it wasn’t just talk, she really embodied that. »
Juline, participant in a cycle of "Sandbox of W(I)e" workshops


The fun of play


"We had so much fun! Amazingly enough, every time I came out of a workshop it was like I lost 10 pounds. It felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt lighter, relieved." Participant in a cycle of "Sandbox of W(I)e" workshops​

Interested ?

Contact me and we'll have a chat on Zoom/Skype, on the phone, go for a tea or a walk to discover the best fit between your needs/aspirations and what I have to offer.​

Célicia Theys

Applied mindfulness coach

art therapist and facilitator