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Because human beings are at the heart of your project, your association, your organization or your business, I create spaces in your context to take care of this human being and the collective dynamics at work within your structure.


Equipped with various approaches to collective intelligence and conflict transformation, strengthened by my experience as a facilitator in a global support network for group initiatives, and helped by my sensitivity as an art therapist and mindfulness coach, I offer you an accompaniment tailored to your aspirations and needs.​

Through group facilitation, you can :

  • strengthen team cohesion
  • take care of existing and past tensions and transform them
  • create a group around a common project
  • create the conditions for a common project to emerge, and turn the idea into concrete actions carried out by the collective
  • welcome new people into a group by giving them the opportunity to take ownership of the group's purpose (values, mission, vision) and to get involved in a way that feels joyful and fulfilling to them
  • and the list goes on :) !​

Different reasons to call upon facilitation

Different experiences are possible:

  • a team-building workshop
  • one or two days to go deep during a team retreat
  • support sessions spread over time with a minimum of 4 three-and-a-half-hour sessions to support the group in manifesting a vision and actions that benefit the whole, and increase the chances of implementing sustainable change.




  • Citizen group / asbl / school: 450 euros excl. VAT per session (or half-day if during a retreat)
  • Business: 600 euros VAT excl. per session (or half-day if during a retreat)


Interested ?

Practical and material elements (time, location, price, number of facilitators required, etc.) vary according to the specific request.​

Contact me and we'll have a chat on Zoom/Skype, on the phone, go for a tea or a walk to discover the best fit between your needs/aspirations and what I have to offer.​

Célicia Theys

Applied mindfulness coach

art therapist and facilitator