Group facilitation


Make space for the human beings at the heart of your organization/business. Make the most of team-building activities, team retreats or other special occasions, or plan longer-term support divided into 3-hour sessions. Give yourself the space to breathe, reconnect with the deepest aspirations that set you in motion. 


Applied mindfulness


Cultivate more presence to what is essential to you in your daily life. Practice welcoming the moment as it unfolds, with openness and receptivity - even when things get uncomfortable. Alternating between theoretical modules, practical exercises and weekly conversations with your coach and two other fellow travellers.


Célicia Theys

Applied mindfulness coach, art therapist and facilitator




Ever-changing ! And an actress. I act in my world, in the world (work-in-progress!), and in theatre.


The society I dream of is co-coloured by all those who help make it whole, therefore it's in perpetual motion, constantly adjusting to the contributions and aspirations of one and all.


My favorite tools to assist society as it blossoms into its fullest potential: group facilitation, applied mindfulness coaching, and art therapy.



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Exploring the authentic self, together !​

Because we are "human beings", not "human doings".

And because humans are, intrinsically, relational creatures.

I offer different "playgrounds" for you to explore how to live your life in a more aligned, joyful and authentic way.


My approach is collective. The group supports each individual on their evolutionary path, and facilitates the emergence of innovative and sustainable visions and actions.


Art- Therapy


Dare to play! Theatre, movement and storytelling in service of your well-being. Different workshop experiences to invite you to reconnect with unconditional self-worth, supported by others. Express yourself and let yourself be seen with authenticity and courage, strengthened by a renewed sense of your own value.




Célicia Theys

Applied mindfulness coach

art therapist and facilitator