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Life journey

Born to Belgian parents in... Belgium, I was three weeks old when we returned to Kenya where the family had been living for two years. I grew up in Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa from the age of 0 to 18.


This nomadic way of life is synonymous with scattered roots and a strong sense of belonging to the common denominator of each person I met in each country: humanity.


The complex beauty of our human nature has fascinated me from an early age, and when I realized that there was a tool - theatre - that allowed us to "play" with the emotions and central themes of the human condition, I felt called to something bigger, more important.


The exploration of all these forms of theatre in service of humanity and society, combined with a diverse education in international development, art therapy, facilitation and mindfulness, led me to today’s mosaic profession which brings together my human being, my social being and my artistic being.​

Any questions ? 

Contact me and we'll have a chat on Zoom/Skype, on the phone, go for a tea or a walk to discover the best fit between your needs/aspirations and what I have to offer.​

Célicia Theys

Applied mindfulness coach, art therapist

and facilitator


Who am I today?

Ever-changing! And an actress. I act in my world, in the world (work-in-progress!), and in theatre.


The society I dream of is co-coloured by all those who help make it whole, therefore it's in perpetual motion, constantly adjusting to the contributions and aspirations of one and all. My favorite tools to assist society as it blossoms into its fullest potential: group facilitation, applied mindfulness coaching, and art therapy.​

Art therapy & conflict transformation

  • Training in Art Therapy | Art-T Jambes
  • Art therapy for conflict transformation | Sintem Russia
  • Co-design and facilitation of "Yay, a conflict !" workshops | Belgium​



  • SALT approach | Belcompetence Constellation Belgium
  • 5 years of work as an international facilitator with the NGO Constellation
  • MOOC "shared governance" | Université du Nous
  • ULab Leading from the emerging future | MIT (Otto Scharmer) and Presencing Institute (Arawana Hayashi)


Applied mindfulness

  • TeamUp | Chiang Mai Thailand




  • Social presencing theater | Training in Brooklyn New York (Kate Johnson)
  • Ritual theatre, playback theatre | Masterclass in Ghent (Hector Aristizabal)
  • Theatre of the oppressed | Training at the Paris TO (Vincent Vidal and Rui Frati)
  • Theatre for social change and conflict transformation | Internship with Dramatic Problem Solving in Costa Rica (Steven Hawkins)


Social sciences & international development

  • Infocycle | Belgian Development Agency (BTC, now Enabel)
  • Master’s degree in Population and Development Studies | UCL



  • Bachelor of Arts in modern languages and literature (English, French and Spanish) | UCL​

Education and work experience

Célicia Theys

Applied mindfulness coach

art therapist and facilitator